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Rather than us tell you all about ourselves, we like others to do that for us... we let our clients speak for themselves.

Testimonial One

Thank you for your facilitationů Everyone I have talked to found it very beneficial both personally and professionally and
I feel we will move forward in a much more harmonious way from now onů You were very flexible, patient and honest in a
non-threatening way, and your style was appreciated.

Testimonial Two

Thank you for your efforts and inspiration. I'm sorry if they were a difficult bunch for you. I've noticed a couple of staff acting differently. I'm happy that it gave them a different perspective & challenged the way they deal with things. I guess time will
tell but it's small steps. I would like to do this session again with the new team, hopefully you will be available,
unless you say never again!

Testimonial Three

I greatly appreciate(d) being able to meet with Janette, she has been a real blessing and has provided very helpful advice and guidance with applying for another position.

Testimonial Four

After doing coaching sessions with Janette, I found the courage to set aside my self imposed boundaries as well as those placed on me by society due to being a person living with a disability. I have taken huge steps with the help of the tools Janette has equipped me with.

Testimonial Five

The development services you have provided me in the past have been first class.

Testimonial Six

Thank you so much, I always feel inspired after meeting with you, it renews my self belief and is really helpful to be able to articulate and reflect on my experiences with this new role.

Testimonial Seven

I have found coaching with Janette invaluable. The experience provides the opportunity for self reflection in a safe space with a skilled practitioner who can simultaneously motivate, energise, nurture and challenge your thinking. Coaching should be embedded into all managers practice, it is both rewarding and enriching.

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